Saturday, April 12, 2014


Two post in one day! I don't know if I can handle all of this! This quilt is for an orchestra conductor. I love the piano key fabric on the border. I quilted an all over pattern called notes. This would be great for any of those musicians that you have in your life. This pattern perfectly matched the fabric on the front. I think that this conductor is going to be impressed with his gift. Enjoy! Rachel


Things have been crazy busy lately for me. As many of you are aware, last year I quit my job to go out on the road. As fun as that was it just didn't pay the bills, so I had to go back into the work force. My new job as a social worker is very interesting to say the least. I now work in a prison! So literally when I say I feel like I am in prison all day, it's the truth! 

With that being said, I have been really busy with customer quilts, so this post is going to very picture heavy. Without further ado...

I used feathered curl on the quilt above. It gives such great coverage. 

 You may remember this Fons and Porter QOV quilt from one of my previous posts. The customer had enough left over fabric to make a second smaller version! 

 This star quilt is for one special little girl. I quilted it with feathered curl. I just love that pattern. It turned out great!

The quilt above is an Eleanor Burns pattern. This quilt was originally started by a customer over 8 years ago when I owned a quilt shop. She is now one of the owners of Mable and Ethel's Quilt Shop in downtown Sandusky, Ohio. She was nice enough to give me a shot and let me quilt one of her quilts as a sample for the shop. I did some straight line quilting in the outside border and a wishbone in the red border. The inside body of the quilt was quilted with an allover called swirls. In the outside cornerstone blocks I put in a swirl pattern, echoed around it and then did some free motion pebbling around it. It's going to look super cute when the binding is on it! Enjoy! Rachel

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Recently, I was going through my camera and realized that I had pictures of quilts that I completed on it, but never posted! Silly me. So without further ado, here are some pics of customer quilts all quilted. Enjoy! Rachel

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fons and Porter

I know that there are many Fons and Porter fans out there, so I am guessing that you will be able to recognize this next quilt right away. A Quilt of Valor quilt for a returning service member. This quilt really makes one proud to be an American!

I quilted an allover stipple and stars design.

So without further ado... Enjoy. Rachel

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Need I say more? Enjoy. Rachel

Update: For those who have asked about the pattern, it is Fabric Fusion by Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle. American Patchwork and Quilting February 2012. Here is a link I found online from All People Quilt that I believe is a similar pattern, or you can order directly from Kerr and Ringle here.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I am not a big decorator for the holidays and honestly I wasn't even going to have a tree. It's just me and my husband so we are ok with simple. However I found this awesome deal on 2 four foot trees for $12.50 at Rural King and decided I couldn't pass them up. I have it wrapped in my Jacobs Ladder Tree Skirt Pattern. Nice and simple. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas!! Rachel

Sunday, December 15, 2013


When last we spoke, I had finished up a Quilt of Valor Quilt for my guild and that was in October! I have to admit that I have no excuse for not posting more often, other than I have been working almost 7 days a week. Life has been interesting to say the least, but I'll fill you in about that at a later time.

I have been working on quilts, so this post will be picture heavy. Enjoy!

 This quilt is the second Quilt of Valor Quilt. I quilted Turbulence on it.

 This quilt is for a friend of mine. It's quilted with a new pattern that I got Modern Snails by Anita Schakleford. It's a very dense design and great for those new modern quilt patterns.

 The quilt above is also my friend's quilt. I quilted Turbulence on it for a nice overall pattern.
 This bright quilt is for a customer. She choose Feathered Curlique for the allover design with black thread. You can see in the last picture, the back. Very bold and striking!